Minimalism Remixed

'Minimalism' = pulse, repetition, tonality = 'Dance'

Repetition: sampling.....Repetition; harmonic repetition, rhythmic repetition

"Then Orbital throw us back into the maelstrom:
into a blasting Terry Riley sample, into the relentless machine rhythm..."

"...Techno...Beginning as a term applying to a specific form of dance music --the minimal, electronic cuts
that Detroiters like Derrick May, Juan Atkins, and Kevin Saunderson were making in the mid '80s...
being all about speed: its repetitive rhythms, minimal melodies, and textural modulations are perfect
for the constantly shifting perspectives offered by high-speed travel."

This CD was born out of "unsolicited remixes" of pieces by Glass that were sent to Orange Mountain
Music by"young musicians/producers". Don Christensen (2005) believes that "in some circles,
Philip Glass is"the Godfather of Trance" ". Christensen, director of OMM, admitted that he had
wanted to do mixes of Glass works for years. Christensen is a musician/producer and artist in his
own right and his music work is represented on this disc in the form of a remix of Paul Barnes'
piano arrangement of the Dance from Scene III of Act II of Akhnaten. - Reich Remixed