"What a beautiful idea? ... you are great and I want you to always be there...."
(Dagmar Glausnitzer-Smith; transitstation, werftraum)

"She [Scotsman journalist] did say she'd enjoyed your performance...it's an excellent review overall though...
It was a great weekend - really special and I enjoyed your playing very much."
(Rose Strang, TotalKunst/transitstation Edinbrurgh organiser)

"Just to reiterate my thanks for your piano playing during my performance on Sunday. I'm really happy with it....
Also, Rose said that the journalist from the Scotsman really liked the piece so fingers crossed."
(Sam Sweeting; Berlin...Edinburgh, 7 Feb)

"I like what you were saying about trying to follow what I was doing with what you were playing, which is quite funny
because I think that I was doing the same thing in a way. Blaise and I have also been talking about
developing things along this line. Mutual Improvisation!" (Sam Sweeting)

"The Spotter [I produced the soundtrack] was a great film - well done"
(Dawn Simpson, Project Development Director, Propeller TV)

"Good stuff on Saturday my friend!...I look forward to hearing a further recital from you! and please do bring
one of your cd’s for auction. I would like to bid for it! (And do you have one with the piece
[Glass: Metamorphosis/Wichita Vortex Sutra] you played on Saturday. I would like to hear it again.)"
(Peter Vere-Simmons: Berlin...Edinburgh)

"I found your essays especially interesting, most prominently the one on Philip Glass' film music."
(musician/website visitor)

"I just listened your work and I really like it...as a whole I really like it...I really love
the ending music and I think it will work very well...the later section is really good...
the News Jingle, the melody is fine.. Thanks for all the effort. You have been
doing a wonderful job. I am reallylooking forward to listen to the new music."
(J Li, dir. The Spotter, LFA, 2005)

"these words of yours with content and poetic style are so true. True of you and I can feel the emerging energy
which accompanies you at the moment and onwards. There is a lot of work to be done but I know that I/we
can depend on you because you show genuine interest and engagement. and yes it is true ts becomes more and more
a community which is expanding into the areas of indiviual personal growth and developement. That is so important.
But we are also looking for a quality in the work which is an important, individual landmark on the map where transit stations
are to be found. I feel exhausted...I am so happy that I can witness your journey through life and I will be there..
You are doing great Rupert. I just saw my mother and she loved your work so much. She was talking about you."
Dagmar Glausnitzer-Smith, creator of transit station

"You have the ability to get into the mindset of a 2 yr old. You should take up childminding" (anon)

"brilliant at keeping in touch...a gentleman...local Philip Glass expert..plays Glass like it's rock n roll"
(C. Ryder of Frari)

'Your trainspotting tracks (trainspotting2a1, trainspotting2a2) are really good.' (C. Ryder)

"thanks for the little audio pieces (as above)-they're brilliant!" (Katherine Hymers, transit station artist)

"Rupert....u rock....totally awesome bro. I flipin enjoyed it." (viewer of Death (G)row)

"moving, gentle, special, compelling, powerful" (a listener on some of my music)

"I'm really into the music and in fact listened to both back to back straight away. They are very intense
when they are listened to like that, andI find them really interesting in the way they are because although
I love that intensity, when I can't deal with it I can just pick and play a couple of the compostitions
which are so pleasant in tjeir succinctness, if that's a word."
Paddy Gould, an artist who graduated from Kingston Uni.,"does quite a lot of different types
of work from drawings - collage - wall things, sculpture & video & try his hand at design."

"Your website is awsome! Keep up the good work!" (website visitor)

"Just want to say how much I enjoyed your music. ts seems to be progressing well!" Gina Landor

"It's me Rick from the movement performance with the audience. We (Rick, Rebecca and Carsten)
did have a real good time, also because of you joining in with us. I do hope that we will be able to work again.
Maybe for the TS Edinburgh?" Transit Station Berlin 2005 artist.

'Your music for Death (G)row was simply perfect' (charles webber of rightcharlie media)

"This is rather an unexpected and original little piece, using a very economical style of musical language;
in particular, a very individual approach to rhythm; the harmony (when there is any) may owe something to Stravinsky,
but even he didn't write bars of 22/8 followed by 12/16 (as far as I remember)! Iit is certainly refreshing & different
from the run-of-the-mill stuff so common on SibeliusMusic" (Laurence Hills on my composition called Alan Bullard)

"And when I see your poems I always feel better. Because it's simple but so deep and I feel it in my heart.
You don't need much, cause you have everthing inside you. Your mind is a great thing and [you express] great emotions.
I loved when you express yourself...very beatiful...You write with your heart with your soul. I learned so much with you.
you transform simple words into beautiful words. You are the poetry, you are the poem, you are the poet, you are
the writer, you are everything and much more. sometimes when I feel alone, I go to read your poems & I feel better."

"With music like that, who needs words?" (fellow student at RUTC on my piano playing).

Rupert Cheek 2014, unless otherwise stated

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