I am the drummer in Euphoric Recall



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I am a pianist and play a wide range of music.
I am a piano teacher and I give piano lessons in London.
I live in Surbiton which is in the borough of Kingston in SW London.

I took part in BBC radio 3's London Pianothon on Sat 18th Oct 2008

I worked as accompanist at Sheen Mount (primary) School in Richmond Upon Thames
in 2005 and at St John's (primary) School in Kingston Upon Thames in 2011

I have played piano at private events and at The Rising Sun and The Monk Club

Me on transit station

"I found transit station Berlin 2005 really exciting because I met, listened to, experienced & worked with other international artists. It was especially rewarding to be asked by others if I would like to work with them in the future…"


youtube - Transitstation evolving for 2010

artreview group - transitstation copenhagen

I played piano in transit station at London, Berlin & Edinburgh.

© 2002 - 2010 transitstation

photo above © Aaron McCluskey

I performed with Ricardo Wende (trumpet) in transit station Edinburgh

Sam Sweeting

I also performed with performance artist Sam Sweeting. Her performance consisted of her ‘trying’ to eat an apple that was suspended from a ladder. This was also unplanned until we met in Edinburgh. This ‘piece’ (Sweeting told me what she would be doing) also combined two sources of audio- an alphabetical list of apple varieties, read by Sweeting, & my improvisation.

Photos of Sam Sweeting at transit station edinburgh 2006 © Jethro Collins

Merav Israel
During transit station Edinburgh, I collaborated (as accompanist) with Merav Israel & her group
of dancers / movement artists. I had not met them until I got to Edinburgh (as with my collaboration with tanzmedia for transit station Berlin), and I was honoured to be asked to perform with them after she heard me improvising (on keyboard) with another musician (R. Wende, trumpet). There were 3 elements; movement, train sounds, & my improvisation.


*Photo by K Jarbenski, © 2005

Above; "It's me Rick from the movement performance with the audience. We
(Rick, Rebecca & Carsten) did have a real good time, also because of you
joining in with us. I do hope that we will be able to work again."

Zsi (fine arts, Kingston University)
After discussions in Edinburgh regarding some film work she was working on, I agreed to make some music for some of her films. We met a few times (at Kingston University) so that she could show me her work-in-progress. Our working practise was for me to improvise music at a piano whilst watching the silent films. For some of the films, we recorded a number of different improvisations so that Zsi could choose which to use. She shared with me her fascination for trees. We would like to perform/present work like this at a future transit station, so that the music can be improvised/performed/heard live. See more ;here; nature

I learnt the sad news that Zsi was one of the people
who died in the Feb 2013 hot air balloon disaster.

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