Harmonic Rhythm

I have been writing music as piano music (with harmony, melody) and then using computer music software
to 'orchestrate' it as 'percussion' music, so that the harmony and melody all but disappear. This often
results in differnt rhythms/tempos going at once - so that the score may seem unstructured.

To write the piano music, I use the score writer Sibelius and a piano. I then save the score as midi and import it
into Cubase where I experiment with the sounds provided with HALion. I will be able to develop this exploration
as and when I aquire new (software) 'percussion' samplers. Strictly speaking a piano is a percussion instrument.

It is possible that, as I remember which drum sounds are assigned to which notes in each of the sampler settings,
my (piano) compositions may start to reflect the organisation of drum sounds within the software sampler(s).
My piano music may develop rhythmically, so not only will this be a way to develop ways of creating
percussion music, but may influence my piano writing.

Music in Contrary Motion Drumloops

AugmentedAgain (mp3): piano drums, both

Pachabels 7th 'Jessfilm' (piano-drums-both) Pachabels 7th Long (synth/drums)

Horrormix...~2...~3... 'Song'....Drummers

Opposition...~1...~loops... ~Xtended... ~1a...'qrtet@120bpm'...~@165bpm... ~@165bpm qrtet drum loops'

As a young child I used piano and percussion to communicate with my music therapist. I have also been influenced
by John Cage's (1912-92, USA) music for prepared piano, for which he adapted a piano to make it sound like
a percussion group, as well as his music for percussion. What would this prepared piano music sound like on an
un-prepared piano? I got a book of Cage's piano music and one of the pieces (title) says that it can be performed
with or with out without preparations. Would it be possible to 'orchestrate' his percussion music for piano?

"I made the prepared piano. I needed percussion instruments for music for a dance that had an African character...
There was only a small grand piano... At the time I either wrote twelve-tone music for piano or I wrote percussion music.
There was no room for the instruments. I couldn't find an African twelve tone row. I finally realized I had to change
the piano. I did so by placing objects between the strings. The piano was transformed into a percussion
orchestra having the loudness, say, of a harpsichord." John Cage, New Albion

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The software available to me is limited by money, something which I have to have more of in the near future. By 'percussion' I mean drums, drumloops & elab SoundTools Vox/Samples provided with Steinberg ® HALion® version 1.1 Experimenting with combining piano with percussion.