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I am a;
mysterious musical philanthropist

I am a: composer @waktm
pianist @pianotalent

drummer in Euphoric Recall
music promoter @cheekypromo

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I live in New Malden which is in the borough of Kingston in SW London.

In 2002 I graduated with a BMus from at Roehampton Uni (BMus). I studied music (piano with Edward Moore, composition with Michael Burnett) and gained experience as a piano acompanist for "Shades of Harmony" (an intimate female choir) and a string trio. I also helped a solo singer pass a grade exam. I wrote a thesis (supervised by Dr B Norton) on Philip Glass' opera trilogy; Einstein on the Beach, Satyagraha & Akhnaten. I continue to write about Glass' music

During 2002-03 I studied film/TV composition at Kingston Uni. I got involved with an arts event called "transit station" and travelled to Berlin & Edinburgh and collaborated (as composer / pianist) with dancers and live / performance artists (Performer & Audio Al'ka-mie) and film makers (see Nature).

In 2003 I created the soundtrack for (Death (G)row (Right Charlie Productions).

In 2005 I composed the score for a short film (The Spotter, dir. Li, prod. Main, students at the London Film Academy).

During Feb - July 2005 I worked with Sheen Mount School as a pianist.

During 2006-07 I worked as a playworker and gained a level 2 CACHE playwork certificate.

In 2007 I gained experience as a youth music tutor.

In 2011 I gained further experience as an accompanist at St John's primary school in Kingston.

During 2010-12 I worked with London based female singer-songwriter called Nix Nugent

I am a pianist working under the banner of PianoTalent. I am a soloist, accompanist,
composer and teacher.

As a composer, I am currently working on an opera / musical / music theatre piece based on
a book called We All Know Too Much by Chris Eales. Find out more at WAKTM.com

Call / text me on 07447 907 357

@rupertcheek - LinkedIn - pinterest - empireavenue


From an early age, since beginning to play piano & percussion in music therapy, music has been an important passion for me. Performance and composition/improvisation have been means of expression and communication for me. I like music that takes me somewhere, that makes me feel confident, happy, optimistic, proud, that makes me shiver, or that reflects the mood I am in. Music has also been, and continues to be, a way of making friends.

I like

Bach, Beethoven, Berlioz, Brahms, Chopin, Elgar, Handel,
Mahler, Mozart, Schoenberg, Richard Strauss,Tchaikovsky, Verdi. I love singing as a bass in various choirs.

Mozart, Puccini, Philip Glass, Tchaikovsky & Verdi

C20th - aka contemporary classical aka 'modern'
John Cage, Stockhausen, ...

My mum used to play guitar & sing music by; Peter, Paul & Mary, Tom Paxton, Joan Baez etc.

Cat Stevens, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Crosby, Stills & Nash, 10cc, Paul Simon, Supertramp, Michael Jackson, Mike Oldfield, Sinead O'Connor, Elton John, Jean Michel-Jarre

esp Queen; I saw the musical "We Will Rock You" in London. I wrote about Queen's music for the films Highlander & Flash Gordon & was fortunate to receive an email via the Queen fan club from Brian May about Highlander. brianmay.com. I heard Brian May play at London's Royal Albert Hall in May 2004 as a 'Friend' of the Italian singer Zucchero, and again in 2013 with singer Kerry Ellis with whom she created / performed an album called Anthems.

Reich, Glass and Riley.
I have seen / heard Glass perform a number of times, as a solo pianist,
his ensemble & with other musicians. I saw Glass' opera Satyagraha (1980), & John Adams' opera Dr Atomic (2005) at the ENO in London.

boogie piano, big band, jazz
Jools Holland. Jazz e.g. Jimmy Scott, Miles Davis, Getz & Gilberto.

Lerner / Loewe’s Guys n Dolls (NT, 1997), Queen / Ben Elton We Will Rock You (London).

film / TV
John Williams, Danny Elfman, Philip Glass, the Newmans, Howard Shore

electronic music
e.g. Aphex Twin

e.g. Ravi Shankar

Gamelan (site 1, site 2),

Rupert Cheek 2014

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